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Seeds for Jubilee Foundation

Sponsoring initiatives and inviting partnerships that help humans, individually and collectively
​move toward greater health and wholeness


If the activities of The Seeds for Jubilee Foundation appear worthwhile to you, we would value your federally tax deductible contributions to expand our pool of resources. This will make it possible for us to seed-fund additional projects consistent with our mission of sponsoring initiatives to aid the human community in moving toward greater health and wholeness.

The Foundation has no employees. Advisory board members and officers provide their time pro bono, taking no salary, retainers or compensation. Donations fund the direct support of charitable projects (accounting, web-hosting, contractual leadership, travel, publications, etc.). 

Thank you for your generous support by clicking on the following link to PayPal’s donor advised fund where 100% of your donation is passed through to our account without any service fees or deductions.