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Seeds for Jubilee Foundation

Sponsoring initiatives and inviting partnerships that help humans, individually and collectively
​move toward greater health and wholeness


Our aim is to join with you (participants and donors) in co-sponsoring initiatives that can  serve to “help make and keep  human life human. ”   Even your smallest whole-hearted contribution connects us.  It reaches to the stars; and it nurtures that “seed planted in you at your making.”  Each project here, we see as an opportunity to better align your personal mission, each in your own way,  with that larger purpose of the Sower of the stars. We want each and everyone to have  a better chance to flourish. The maintenance of this aim requires new and renewed vision and a continual re-balancing toward honesty and compassion.  In our time, our world has become top-heavy with an overly hierarchical approach that structurally advantages those at the top increasingly at the expense of those at the bottom.

IMAGE: Starlight Sower 2011, by artist Hai Knafo
–Inspired by the Or Zaruaa Synagogue, Jerusalem, and
“Light is sown for the righteous.” Psalm 97:11
–file made available under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication through WikiMedia.

Angel of the Harvest

The necessary re-balancing today is personified in a more compassionate, nurturing  “feminine” approach in which each and every member of the human family is valued and power is more evenly balanced.  The  qualities implied here by the terms “masculine,” and “feminine,” are not the province of men or women, but deeper aspects of our human nature.
Today, the Archetypal feminine is becoming increasingly evident and “she” has a harvest to show for it,  but there is much more planting to be done.  Seeds for Jubilee welcomes that creative vision. ​

PHOTO: by Thomas Gauck; used here and in The Seeds for Jubilee Foundation logo/header with permission and under licensing agreement with the artist dated March 13th, 2018.
+49 0911513514

When we open ourselves to enter into a psychologically and spiritually re-balanced state by joining the Divine mission to co-create a world that better serves to “make and keep human life human,” we discover ourselves engaging with others in a way that  creates an openness in which an experience of  “communion” becomes possible.

​IMAGE:  Rublev’s Trinity c. 1425 a.d. by Russian Orthodox iconographer Andrei Rublev,
Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia; in the public domain

This vision of our regular and continuing re-balancing toward compassion and fairness is expressed in the Ancient Hebrew concept of “Jubilee”.  It was central to the theology of Jesus of Nazareth.

IMAGE: CELEBRATION © 1997 by John August Swanson
Serigraph 221⁄2” by 301⁄2”
Studio of John August Swanson
8417 Holy Cross Place
Los Angeles, California 90045
Image used here and in The Seeds For Jubilee Foundation header/logo with the kind permission of the artist in correspondence dated February 21st, 2018

To those  seeking practical ways to provide this necessary and corrective re-balancing in our world,  The Seeds for Jubilee Foundation open-heartedly offers our catalytic help.   We aid those imagining and undertaking approved initiatives in their fundraising efforts, so that they can sow seeds of compassion and fairness through projects to  which they have given their heart.

IMAGE: Harvesting hands; royalty-free stock photo