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Seeds for Jubilee Foundation

Sponsoring initiatives and inviting partnerships that help humans, individually and collectively
​move toward greater health and wholeness

Inviting Partnerships

Inviting Partnerships

The Seeds for Jubilee Foundation seeks operational partnerships for projects consistent with its mission and objectives. To that end, the foundation may be able to offer:

  • Modest direct operational expense seed-funding/loans ($1000-$2000) to kick-start partner projects toward self-sustainment models
  • Fundraising, donor acknowledgement and tax deduction documentation, event registration and project accounting through the SFJF website project management capabilities
  • Licensing of the “Journey Conferences®, Moving Toward Wholeness” ® trademarks for conferences, seminars and initiatives that explore the ongoing and evolving conversation of Jungian psychology with Christianity and other spiritual traditions in order to “make and keep human life human.”
  • Selective project messaging to a database of past Journey Conference participants potentially interested in a particular  initiative.
  • Pro bono project organizational and financial management assistance and consulting when desirable

​Contact The Seeds for Jubilee Foundation Director, Tom Lane for further information.