Website of The Seeds for Jubilee Foundation*

Seeds for Jubilee Foundation

Sponsoring initiatives and inviting partnerships that help humans, individually and collectively
​move toward greater health and wholeness

Mission of The Seeds for Jubilee Foundation
The foundation sponsors initiatives to aid the human community in moving individually and collectively toward greater health and wholeness.  In sympathy with the Ancient Hebrew aspirational concept of “Jubilee,” these efforts seek to restore balance where relationships, power and/or resources have become so one-sided as to interfere with human potential. They are inspired by that spirit of integrity and compassion Jesus of Nazareth embodied.


  • Exploring and furthering the conversation of Christianity and other faiths with psychology rooted in the work of C. G. Jung in order to foster health and wholeness in ourselves and our world.
  • Working to help bring into greater balance the resources necessary for short and long-term human survival individually and/or collectively.
  • Encouraging compassion and practical help for those most negatively affected by economic and/or social deficit and/or injustice.

​*The Seeds for Jubilee Foundation is a federally designated 501 ( c )(3) private operating foundation (EIN—56-2112260) incorporated in the State of North Carolina, founded in 1998 by The Rev. Thomas K. Lane, D.Min. and organized exclusively for scientific, charitable, religious or educational purposes.